Wemalo supports the Magento Rest-Api in Magento 2.


To do this, a remaining user must be created in Magento that has extensive authorizations. Wemalo accesses at least the following resources:

  • POST V1/shipment/track
  • POST V1/shipment
  • POST V1/order/{id}/invoice
  • GET V1/invoices?searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][field]=order_id&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][value]={id}
  • GET V1/products/{sku}
  • GET V1/products?searchCriteria..
  • GET V1/orders?searchCriteria...
  • POST V1/invoices/%s/capture
  • POST V1/invoices/%s/emails
  • POST V1/shipment/{shipmentId}/emails
  • PUT V1/products/{sku}/stockItems/{id}
  • POST V1/orders/{salesOrderId}/comments

Create User Role:

  • System -> Benutzerrollen -> Neue Rolle hinzufügen
  • Role name e.g. wemalo
  • Role Resources: Catalog, Shops, Data Transfer, Sales (Orders, Invoices, Shipments)

Create user:

  • System – > All users – > Create new user
  • Assign user name, first and last name and password
  • Assign previously created user role
  • username and password are required in the data exchange configuration in wemalo

Set Up Integration

  • System – >Integrations – >Add new integration
  • Only assign name and set authorizations analogous to user role
  • release and store tokens in the data exchange configuration in wemalo

Define Order Status:

  • Shops – > Order status – >Create new status
  • Status code vendor, status label fulfillment
  • Status code wemalo_ready, status label Ready
  • Use “Assign status to status” to specify that wemalo_ready is to be used for payment input.

functional overview

  • Loading of product master data
  • Load customer orders (Note: once an order has been submitted to Wemalo, no further changes to the order will be submitted to Wemalo.)
  • load invoices
  • Transmission of sent parcels and tracking numbers
  • Transfer of stocks
  • Execution of invoicing and e-mail dispatch

Loading orders

  • All orders with the status wemalo_ready (must be newly created in Magento) are downloaded by Wemalo. A comment is then added and the status is changed to vendor(also to be newly created).
  • Note: once an order has been submitted to Wemalo, no further changes to the order will be submitted to Wemalo.



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