WordPress Wemalo API 2

With the second version of the WordPress plugin, Wemalo has considerably extended the range of functions. furnishing Download and activate the Wemalo Connectplugin from the WordPress shop. A user account must then be set up in wemalo-connect(by a Wemalo employee). The security key generated in wemalo-connect must be stored in the plugin configuration (a Wemalo… read more »

Magento 1.9

Wemalo supports the Magento SOAP API in Magento 1.9. Setup To do this, you must create a Soap user in Magento that has far-reaching authorizations. Wemalo accesses at least the following resources: catalog sales Setup of the user: System->WebServices->SOAP Roles new role with resources: Catalog and Sales System->WebServices->SOAP Users with the new role Required are… read more »


Wemalo supports the Magento Rest-Api in Magento 2. Setup To do this, a remaining user must be created in Magento that has extensive authorizations. Wemalo accesses at least the following resources: POST V1/shipment/track POST V1/shipment POST V1/order/{id}/invoice GET V1/invoices?searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][field]=order_id&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][value]={id} GET V1/products/{sku} GET V1/products?searchCriteria.. GET V1/orders?searchCriteria… POST V1/invoices/%s/capture POST V1/invoices/%s/emails POST V1/shipment/{shipmentId}/emails PUT V1/products/{sku}/stockItems/{id} POST V1/orders/{salesOrderId}/comments… read more »


Shopware is integrated into wemalo-connect and can be used to exchange data with Wemalo. In wemalo-connect a shop account is necessary. The supported versions and functions are listed in the function matrix. Settings in Shopware Set up API users in shopware API user, API key and URL to Shopware’s rest API are required. After the… read more »