Wemalo supports the Magento SOAP API in Magento 1.9.


To do this, you must create a Soap user in Magento that has far-reaching authorizations. Wemalo accesses at least the following resources:

  • catalog
  • sales
Setup of the user:
  • System->WebServices->SOAP Roles
  • new role with resources: Catalog and Sales
  • System->WebServices->SOAP Users
  • with the new role
  • Required are username and API-Key

functional overview

  • loading of product master data
  • loading of customer orders
  • Transmission of sent parcels and tracking numbers
  • Transfer of stocks

Loading orders

  • All orders with the status wemalo_ready (must be newly created in Magento) are downloaded by Wemalo. A comment is then added and the status is changed to vendor.
  • Note: once an order has been submitted to Wemalo, no further changes to the order will be submitted to Wemalo.

Transmission of tracking numbers

  • After an order has been sent, a Shipment is created. The tracking number including information about the shipping service provider is then handed over.


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