Auto Reports (Contents)


Contents Auto Reports

The following auto reports are available in Wmealo. The setup is done via the menu item Reports and Auto Reports.


wemalo assumes that the base64 document about {“data”: {“pdfDocument”:”base64 “}} can be retrieved……..

Format: xls

ID;Name;SKU;EAN;Weight;Shipping Weight;Group;Pitch;Serial Number;Active;Ready for Shipment;Parts;Width;Height;depth


Packages and countries

Format: csv

Shipping date;Country;Order ID;Order No.;Parcel ID;SKU;Quantity;Parts;Weight;Hanging goods;Category;Client;Profile;Package


Incomplete orders

Format: xls

Client;Order ID;Order No.;Created;Reason;SKU;Parts;Prio;Reserved



Format: xls

CreatedJob ID;Job No.;Handover Date;Tracking Number;Profile;Name 1;Name 2;Name 3;Zip;City;Street;House Only;Country;Alt. Recipient; Alt. Name 1;Alt. Name 2;Alt. Name 3;Alt. ZIP;Alt. City;Alt. Street;Alt. House no.


WA-Order ETD

Format: xls



Packs per user

Format: xls

Posting date;Hanging goods; Packs; User


WE per user

Format: xls

Posting date;Client;WE;User


goods receipt orders

Format: xls

SKUOrder No.PartsETAScanned


Product Lifecycle

Format: xls

SKU;WE;Relocated from WE;Picks; Packs; Sent;EAN;ID;Name


Daily closing

Format: Email report

Output Characteristic Std.: 0

Output all others: 0

Reported returns: 90

WE: 23

Refurbishment: 0