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The following auto reports are available in Wmealo. The setup is done via the menu item Reports and Auto Reports.


wemalo assumes that the base64 document about {“data”: {“pdfDocument”:”base64 “}} can be retrieved……..

Format: xls

ID;Name;SKU;EAN;Weight;Shipping Weight;Group;Pitch;Serial Number;Active;Ready for Shipment;Parts;Width;Height;depth


Packages and countries

Format: csv

Shipping date;Country;Order ID;Order No.;Parcel ID;SKU;Quantity;Parts;Weight;Hanging goods;Category;Client;Profile;Package


Incomplete orders

Format: xls

Client;Order ID;Order No.;Created;Reason;SKU;Parts;Prio;Reserved



Format: xls

CreatedJob ID;Job No.;Handover Date;Tracking Number;Profile;Name 1;Name 2;Name 3;Zip;City;Street;House Only;Country;Alt. Recipient; Alt. Name 1;Alt. Name 2;Alt. Name 3;Alt. ZIP;Alt. City;Alt. Street;Alt. House no.


WA-Order ETD

Format: xls



Packs per user

Format: xls

Posting date;Hanging goods; Packs; User


WE per user

Format: xls

Posting date;Client;WE;User


goods receipt orders

Format: xls

SKUOrder No.PartsETAScanned


Product Lifecycle

Format: xls

SKU;WE;Relocated from WE;Picks; Packs; Sent;EAN;ID;Name


Daily closing

Format: Email report

Output Characteristic Std.: 0

Output all others: 0

Reported returns: 90

WE: 23

Refurbishment: 0



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