Auto Report Overview

Auto reports are used for automatic report generation with subsequent e-mail dispatch. As a rule, a distinction can be made between a data export as CSV or Excel export. However, there are also auto reports that send an e-mail with a message and without an attachment (see Daily Closing). One or more e-mail recipients can… read more »

Auto report daily closing

The auto report daily closing can be used to create statistics on the actions performed on the current day. The statistics are sent by e-mail to one or more recipients. The auto report can be stored via Reports- >Auto Reports. The start hour can be used to set when the day-end closing is to be… read more »

system inventory

Via “Reports- >System inventory” you can export the warehouse stocks as text files. The file contains all stocks, including reserved quantities. Stocks that have already been packed are not taken into account. First select a warehouse… …and then a client. Finally click on “Export” to save the text file on your computer.

stock movements

Via “Reports- > stock movements” you can view all “stock movements”. Restrict the results displayed using the “Search” or “Filter” buttons. To restrict the entries by date, select the “Date” checkbox and enter a period behind it. To search for entries by “SKU”, “Name” or “Additional Info”, enter your search text, select one of the… read more »

accounting history

Via “Report booking history” you can view all transactions and export them as text documents.   You can select a specific “client” or include all of them. Optionally, enter a period for the booking records you are looking for. Click on “Show time span” to view the booking records you are looking for or on… read more »