The auto report daily closing can be used to create statistics on the actions performed on the current day. The statistics are sent by e-mail to one or more recipients.
The auto report can be stored via Reports- >Auto Reports.
daily closing

  • The start hour can be used to set when the day-end closing is to be created.
  • With the help of “Pitch names” it can be filtered which storage spaces serve as “Refurbished”. Several pitches can be specified separated by commas.
  • Under feature code the code of the client feature is entered, which is used for the calculation of the individual values.
  • One or more (then separated with ,) can be entered under recipient e-mail.

The result of the daily closing then looks like this:

Outgoing new: 1
Outgoing from stock: 82
All returns: 39
Ingoing new: 22
Refurbishment: 50

  • Outgoing new = > Sent articles with the characteristic code set.
  • Outgoing from stock = > all other characteristics
  • All returns = > the sum of the collected goods
  • Ingoing new = > Total goods receipt on current day
  • Refurbishmeht = > Total stock transfers (with duplicate recognition) to storage bins that begin with the “storage bin name” and did not have the set characteristic code during stock transfer


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