Article characteristics can be created in the client master. The standard feature is intended for determining the condition, such as 1st choice, B-goods etc.. In addition, there is a characteristic Packaging to indicate the state of the packaging and a characteristic function, which can be set after a function test.

The standard feature is set directly when returns are accepted. It can also be changed during stock transfer and can be seen in the stock views.

The packaging and function features can be seen and changed via a special refurbishment mask. A technical employee can use this screen to set the corresponding characteristics and store a comment. The packaging feature can be set when scanning a return if the user is assigned the refurbishment module. However, it is not displayed in the position, but exclusively via the refurbishment mask.

The individual characteristic groups can be set via a corresponding selection box. The characteristics are all displayed in a mask for the client, but they are displayed grouped according to group in the table.

Each group can have a standard feature.


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