With the help of the Fast Send function, Single Pick outgoing goods orders without storage, Pick […]
Status: Incomplete Effect: Cancellation cancels all reservations Action: no further action necessary Status: Open Effect: Cancellation […]
You can use “Reports- > Evaluate services” to view the service-related data for clients or a […]
Via “Warehouse management – > Scan GR order” you reach a screen in which you can […]
Via “Warehouse Management – > Goods Receipt Orders” you reach a list in which all goods […]
Via “Warehouse management – >delivery orders” you reach lists with all “delivery orders”. In the first […]
Via “Warehouse management – > Delivery orders – > New delivery order” you can create new […]
Via “Configuration- >Packaging material- > New packaging material” you get to a list with all known […]
Via “Configuration- >Shipping profiles” existing shipping profiles can be edited. Each line in the list represents […]
In the section “Loading aids” (LHM) you will find information about “Storage bins” and their contents. […]