Shipping profile last name for DHL and DPD

After creating a shipping account, the shipping profile can be created. The product, the label size and optionally the surname intended use must be specified.

The following placeholderscan be defined for the intended purpose:

  • {PROFILE_NAME} = >Shipping profile name
  • {ORDER_NR} = >Client order number
  • {ORDER_ID} = >internal order ID
  • {COUNTRY_CODE} = > Country indicator, e.g. DE for Germany
  • {NAME_1} =>Name 1
  • {NAME_2} => Name 2
  • {NAME_3} => Name 3

For purpose, you can use for example: {ORDER_NR}, {COUNTRY_CODE} {NAME_1}

The specification would then be for example 4455664, DE Max Mustermann

Note on DPD

Please note that the intended purpose may only be 14 characters long! In the above example, it would therefore be reduced to 4455664, DE Ma.

Note about DHL

For the intended use, intended use 1 and 2 are filled. Both fields can be used for max. 35 characters long. If the intended use is longer than 35 characters, it will be divided by wemalo into both fields.


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