The rolling inventory is a random inventory that takes place during picking, depending on the interval set. Rolling inventory is first activated at warehouse level. For the individual clients, you can then specify whether the rolling inventory is to be carried out and which interval is to be used.

Adjustment at bearing level

By selecting the “Activate rolling inventory” option, rolling inventory can be activated at warehouse level. This checkbox can be used to determine for the entire warehouse whether rolling inventories may be carried out in general or not.

Setting in the client master

In the client master, the rolling inventory is set via “Configuration”- > “Rolling inventory”:

  • “Activate rolling inventory” activates rolling inventory for the client. Rolling inventory is only carried out in those warehouses in which it has been activated globally.
  • “Perform rolling inventory with number of parts” defines after how many picks an inventory count should take place.
  • The e-mail address entered in “Recipient for Rolling Inventory Result” is sent an overview of the inventory result by e-mail.


During the pick, the inventory counter is incremented. When the limit defined in the client master has been reached, the picker is prompted to perform a rolling inventory. All articles of the current client must be counted on the parking space from which the picker has just picked. The result is processed and sent by e-mail.

The differences are not posted!

If there are differences, a normal inventory order must be created for the client and the parking space and the parking space must be checked again.


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