Via “Master data- >User administration” you reach a list in which all known users are listed.

Tab_Master data_User administration

If the list is too confusing, use the “Filter” to restrict the displayed results.

One “user” per line is always displayed. Click in a row to be able to edit the record for a “user”.

User administration_2

You will now see several tabs above your “Account Information”, click on “Permissions”.

rights management-2

Select the authorization to be edited with a mouse click. You can choose between user authorizations, warehouse management authorizations, clients and warehouses. Here is an example of user permissions:

rights management-3

Under “User Permissions” you can remove the previously selected user’s rights to edit other users with Remove or set the check mark or Give.

rights management-4

To accept the changed data set, click with the mouse on the “Save” button below, to the left of the checkbox.

module management-4



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