In the client master, you can specify characteristics for packing and function in addition to the previous characteristic. This becomes interesting with technical products that are checked after the return. The two new features can be changed via the refurbishment mask.
This is closely linked to serial numbers. Until now there was a rather loose serial number management in Wemalo. A serial number was scanned at goods receipt and a serial number was cleared at goods issue. However, Wemalo did not know where the serial number was between goods receipt and goods issue.
This has now been extended and the client master can be used to determine that serial numbers are tracked throughout the entire warehouse process.
The first option of loose serial number management is still possible and useful. This is used when the warehouse itself can/should decide when which serial number should leave the warehouse and a precise tracking of serial numbers is not necessary in everyday warehouse life.
However, if the serial number is specified by upstream systems, the new option must be selected. In the client master, the option Serial number assignment is called and can be found under Settings.



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