In the section “Loading aids” (LHM) you will find information about “Storage bins” and their contents. Here, “loading aids”, such as cartons or pallets, can be managed, created and their positions viewed. You also have the option of displaying packages that have already been packed but have not yet left the warehouse.

Via “Master data- > Warehouse master data” you reach a list with all available warehouses.

Tab_Master data_Warehouse master data

Now click on the “name” of a warehouse to go to the individual view of this warehouse.

If necessary, limit the displayed “warehouses” with the filter function.

Warehouse_individual view

Now click on the “Packages” tab to be redirected to the “Package” mask.


There you will receive a list of all packages in stock that are ready for shipment.

To display loading aids such as cartons or pallets, switch to the Loading aids tab. Now select the “Type of parking space” and then click on “Show”.


You will now see a list of all available “loading aids”. You now see a list of all available “storage bins”.

Click on the tile symbol in the “Actions” column to go to the individual view of a “storage location”.

Warehouse_Storage_Aids_Individual View

Under “Parking space content” you can see which products are on the “Storage parking space”.

Warehouse_Storage_Utilities_S Storage Bin Contents

Under “Stock movement” you can view all former contents of this storage location.


Here, too, you can use the “Filter” menu on the left to restrict the results displayed. You can also search the list for the “SKU” or a product “name” or specify the period of storage.



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