Via “Warehouse management – > inventory orders” you reach a list of all “inventory orders”.

Inventory Orders_Tab

With the button “New order”. you can create new “inventory orders”.

Inventory orders_new1

To do this, select at least the relevant “Warehouse” and “Client”, the other fields are optional.

Inventory orders_new2

Click on “Save” to save the new record.



adjustment options

  • Warehouse: Selection of the warehouse in which the inventory is to be carried out (only one warehouse possible).
  • Client: Client selection (only one client possible)
  • Warehouse item: the inventory can be restricted to one area or can cover the entire warehouse
  • Storage locations: Physical inventory can be restricted to one storage location.
  • Characteristic type: Standard, Type1, Type2 to Type10. Here you can set which characteristic is automatically preselected in the characteristic drop-down box. The characteristic type is assigned in the client master for the characteristics. Standard is usually 1st choice / A-goods.
  • Internal job: activated if it is an internal count.
  • Transfer data: activated to transfer inventory postings to external systems.



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