The remaining interface of WeClapp can be connected via wemalo-connect. The steps and information required for this are listed below. Create client in wemalo The client is created in wemalo in the usual way. For the client’s other facilities in wemalo-connect, the client ID and the warehouse ID must be known. Create user in wemalo-connect… read more »


The Shopify REST API is integrated into wemalo-connectand connects Wemalo to the Shopify shop system. Settings in Shopify For the connection an API key, password and URL are required. Under Apps- >Manage prive apps- >Generate API credentials the API access can be set up. For example, you can assign wemalo-connect as the app name. After… read more »


Shopware is integrated into wemalo-connect and can be used to exchange data with Wemalo. In wemalo-connect a shop account is necessary. The supported versions and functions are listed in the function matrix. Settings in Shopware Set up API users in shopware API user, API key and URL to Shopware’s rest API are required. After the… read more »

wemalo-connect Release

Version 1.2.3 Date: 13.11.2017 WordPress API implemented New REST Api calls implemented Version 1.2.2 Date: 14.09.2017 Shopware configuration simplified Activating/deactivating of wemalo instances implemented new rest call for creating inventories implemented Version 1.2.1 Date: 17.08.2017 Loading return orders from Shopware and pushing back booked returns integrated Version 1.2.0 Date: 16.08.2017 Integration of Shopify api Enhancements… read more »


wemalo-connect wemalo-connect connects Wemalo to shops, ERPs and other external systems. The software can be used independently of Wemalo, e.g. to synchronize the WordPress shop with the Plentymarkets shop. In addition, wemalo-connect provides a REST API to Wemalo, which is used to exchange product master data, transmit orders and query inventories. The full range of… read more »