Export inventory data to WooCommerce

To export product data including stock, the following steps are necessary. In the menu above products and then via the link on top “Export”. (Located next to “Create” and “Import”.) Select columns and select export of metadata. Click on the “Generate CSV” button to download a CSV file.    

Insert tracking number e-mail at WooCommerce

Our WooCommerce plugin writes the tracking number into the order field tracking_number. It is possible that an order consists of several packages and that the tracking numbers are separated by commas in the field. In addition, the carrierfield is used to enter the shipping service provider (e.g. DHL, DPD, etc.) with which the parcel was… read more »

WordPress Wemalo API 2

With the second version of the WordPress plugin, Wemalo has considerably extended the range of functions. furnishing Download and activate the Wemalo Connectplugin from the WordPress shop. A user account must then be set up in wemalo-connect(by a Wemalo employee). The security key generated in wemalo-connect must be stored in the plugin configuration (a Wemalo… read more »

Supported WordPress plugins

Supported versions in Plugin 2.x: WordPress/ WooCommerce 3.1.2 3.2.6 4.7.1 X ? 4.8.3 X X 4.8.4 X X 4.9.2 ? X Version 1.x WordPress/ WooCommerce 2.6.9 3.1.2 4.5.10 ? X 4.7.1 X ? X = > This combination is supported ? => Diese Kombination wird nicht aktiv unterstützt, könnte aber funktionieren – = > This… read more »

Update Wemalo WooCommerce plugin

This article refers to version 1.x of the plugin. Click here for version 2.x (http://help.wemalo.com/wordpress-wemalo-api-2/). — To update the Wemalo WooCommerce plugin, the plugin must first be deleted and then reinstalled. To do this, first deactivate the plugin: Delete afterwards: And confirm the deletion:   Afterwards it can be uploaded and installed as usual.

Setting up WordPress WooCommerce

This article refers to the plugin version 1.x. There is a separate article about version 2.x. — After the Wemalo plugin has been installed in WordPress, it can be paired with Wemalo. To do this, the API WordPress must be selected under Data Exchange and the URL to the shop must be stored. data subscriptions… read more »