WE orders


Scan WE order

Via “Warehouse management – > Scan GR order” you reach a screen in which you can scan “Goods receipt orders”. Now scan the barcode with your reader or enter the barcode number manually. Your order should now have been read in automatically. If the entered barcode was assigned honorably, you will be asked to select… read more »

Finally, click “Submit” to save the edited record.

Via “Warehouse Management – > Goods Receipt Orders” you reach a list in which all goods receipt orders can be viewed. If your searched “goods receipt order” is not listed, check your filter settings on the left.   Click on the “Edit” button in the Actions column. First, you must select the client for which… read more »

Create goods receipt order

Via “Warehouse management – > Goods receipt orders – > New order” a new goods receipt order can be created. First, you must select the client for which the request is to be created. Subsequently, an ETA (the expected delivery date) and the warehouse must be selected. The other fields are optional and can be… read more »