shipping profiles


Structure of the CSV file for shipping service providers

With the help of CSV files DHL, GLS and DPD are connected. Separator The entries are separated with a |. header data The header line consists of: Shipment Ref-No. sender Ref. no. sender remark Mand. Ref. no. proceedings participation cost center product service list NN Currency TV currency Rec. Ref. no. Rec. Name1 Rec. Name2… read more »

DHL customs declaration

A customs declaration can also be generated via DHL’s web service. The following data is used in the product master: Country of origin (ISO code (ISO-2- Alpha)) customs tariff number weight SKU name The following data from the order items: Price per item Packed quantity

Shipping profile COD DPD/DHL Webservice

Shipping profile last name for DHL and DPD After creating a shipping account, the shipping profile can be created. The product, the label size and optionally the surname intended use must be specified. The following placeholderscan be defined for the intended purpose: {PROFILE_NAME} = >Shipping profile name {ORDER_NR} = >Client order number {ORDER_ID} = >internal… read more »

UPS WorldShip Setup

Wemalo supports the export of shipping data for UPS Worldship as an XML file. The following data is required for this: UPS Client Number product (in WorldShip BillingOption, e.g. PP) Method (in Worldship ServiceType, for example, ST) Duties and taxes to be borne by Transport at the expense of Sample export of an XML file:… read more »

DPD Connection Guide

The following data is required to connect Weamlo to the DPD cloud service: UserCredentials CloudUserID UserCredentials Token if not yet available, please contact – lasts approx. 1 day In Wemalo, shipping profiles are created under Configuration- >Shipping profiles. A shipping account should also be set up for DPD to store the above information. Subsequently,… read more »

DHL Connection Guide

The following information is required to use the DHL Mailing Web Service: Your EKP number Login and password for the DHL business customer portal. Please create a new user for us. The product “Send” must already be activated for you. If you have any questions, please contact your DHL contact directly. In Wemalo, shipping profiles… read more »

Create shipping profiles

New shipping profiles can be created via “Configuration- > Shipping profiles- > New shipping profile”. All fields are optional, so you can also create an empty shipping profile. Finally, click “Save” to save your new record.