Serial number popup for returns

Serial numbers can be stored via the product master, which are checked separately for returns. If a serial number is scanned from the list, a note is displayed that can be entered via the product master. The following screenshot shows the setting in the product master: The X button can be used to remove a… read more »

article characteristics

Article characteristics can be created in the client master. The standard feature is intended for determining the condition, such as 1st choice, B-goods etc.. In addition, there is a characteristic Packaging to indicate the state of the packaging and a characteristic function, which can be set after a function test. The standard feature is set… read more »

Create return

Return orders can be created via “Warehouse management – > Retour”. First select a client and a warehouse, then use the reference number to search for a goods issue order and mark it for return. If the reference number is known, the remaining data is added automatically, otherwise you must enter it manually. Also specify… read more »