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WEMALO Release v2.4.1


This document gives a short overview of the upcoming changes to the release of wemalo v.2.4.1. The update will be rolled out starting 23.3.2021, 20:00-23:00 MEZ. The process of wemalo could be interrupted in that given timespan. External Shop-Orders and REST calls will be sequentially loaded again after release of new version.



Wemalo Backend Core

WEMALO-3083 Update to Password forced process to be changed after autogenerated credentials

WEMALO-3327 duplicate stock delivery in book API

WEMALO-3330 Disable explicit handover of blockpacked orders 

WEMALO-3121 adding Multiple Product by comparison product between shop and wemalo

WEMALO-3325 Provide matchId and profileId of dispatcher profile in REST

endpoint api-GoodsOrder-getProfiles

WEMALO-3262 Always print Export Documents if existing

WEMALO-3364 Always print Export Documents optional on customer config

WEMALO-3348 Remove username from logging in chatbot notification

WEMALO-3358 Store shipmentprice of every order in wemalo for customs tax declaration

WEMALO-3197 Enhancement 20: Update API endpoint getSentpackages to

include all serialNumber data

WEMALO-3370 Prevent orders with special characters will be sent to the creation process

WEMALO-3401 Calling wemalo-ship from backend for validating address for DHL dispatchers


Wemalo Frontend

WEMALO-3083 Password forced to be changed after autogenerated


WEMALO-3301 Change customerOrderNumber field from optional to required

in adding new delivery

WEMALO-3305 Loading goodsOrder data by customerOrderNumber in

returnShipment page does not work properly

WEMALO-3364 Always print Export Documents optional on customer config

WEMALO-3402 Showing partial-address reason that received from DHL if address not valid



WEMALO-3210 removing local file creation dependency



WEMALO-3340 Validating and removing special characters

WEMALO-3222 removing local barcode png creation



WEMALO-3315 implement address check function and calling DHL validation API


Billbee Connector

WEMALO-3319 Last page of Billbee product not imported

WEMALO-3362 Billbee additional address and company name not imported to



Weclapp Connector

WEMALO-3283 Changing parameters of bookIncomingMovement for weclapp and

adding batchNumber

WEMALO-3347 Initial Import. Add Product group default if not set in weclapp

WEMALO-3351 Dimension import: kg as weight, Converting articleGrossWeight and articleNetWeight to gram

WEMALO-1836 Trackingnummer übermitteln

Neue Release Version 1.1.0 der REST-API wemalo-connect

Wir freuen uns bekanntgeben zu können, das wir mit Version 1.1.0 neue Funktionalitäten in der REST-API wemalo-connect anbieten können.


Interne Attachments direkt über die REST-API abrufen.

Mit dem neuen Endpunkt getAttachments ermöglichen wir einen direkten Zugriff auf Dokumente aus Wemalo Order- und Return Vorgängen. Das System generiert einen statischen Link zum Download einer Base64 Datei, der über ein begrenzte Zeit gültig ist. Somit können diese Dokumente einfach in vorgelagerten System bereitgestellt werden.
Damit ergänzt diese Funktionalität die bestehende Funktion addGoodsOrderDocument ideal.

Wir werden die Funktionalitäten der REST-API in den nächsten Wochen stetig erweitern um externen Systemen mehr Zugriffsmöglichkeiten zu geben.

wemalo-connect Release

Version 1.2.3

Date: 13.11.2017

Version 1.2.2

Date: 14.09.2017

  • Shopware configuration simplified
  • Activating/deactivating of wemalo instances implemented
  • new rest call for creating inventories implemented

Version 1.2.1

Date: 17.08.2017

  • Loading return orders from Shopware and pushing back booked returns integrated

Version 1.2.0

Date: 16.08.2017

  • Integration of Shopify api
  • Enhancements to shopware api

Version 1.1.0

Date: 07.07.2017

Version 1.0.1

Date: 28.06.2017

  • new call for creating multiple products at once added to connect api
  • possibility to set a product as activated/deactivated added to connect api
  • new rest calls need wemalo-backend or later

Version 1.0.0

Date: 09.06.2017

  • connect-api has finally been implemented
  • wemalo-connect now allows using a wemalo rest api to transmit product data and goods orders and to load information about stock changes and sent packages
  • the api needs wemalo-backend 1.4.4 or higher

Version 0.2

Date: 07.06.2017

  • additional rest calls implemented
  • rest calls are now being validated before sending them to wemalo
  • preparation for managing shop systems in wemalo-connect

Version 0.1

Date: 31.05.2017

  • first beta version of wemalo-connect has been released
  • in this version it’s possible to manage users, wemalo instances and to communicate with wemalo via a rest api

Wemalo Release


Date: 23.10.2018

  • reservation process splitted by client


Date: 22.10.2018

  • new auto report packaging material implemented
  • loading goods order parcel information via rest call (via wemalo-connect)


Date: 27.09.2018

  • minimum dimension per sku (for clearing)
  • new rest call for getting not synchronized bookings (GET and PUT)
  • external article number added to available stock rest call
  • system inventory: added product name and new overview with current stock, reserved stock and packed items implemented


Date: 12.09.2018

  • fix: Deutsche Post shipping label were not printed automatically


Date: 07.09.2018

  • new auto reports: goods order status and incoming stock report
  • product unit names are now unique
  • whitespaces removed from address fields
  • mysql views removed and stock movements view optimized
  • filter handling and dashboard queries optimized
  • added a serial number check functionality
  • fix: orders were set to packed even if block flag was set


Date: 15.08.2018

  • optionally executing services based on number of orders already sent
  • executing inventory booking improved
  • supporting placeholders in dispatcher profile ids
  • fix: rest api: externalId and sku was mixed up in call product/getAll


Date: 13.07.2018

  • rest api: additional fields added to getSentPackages call
  • rest api: returning back wemalos attachment id when adding a goods order document
  • setting a parcel as finally packed when adding a tracking number


Date: 10.07.2018

  • loading goods receipt by order id filter adjusted (will now load related order only)
  • information about number of palettes and boxes added to delivery orders
  • fix: shipping label for Deutsche Post without postmark was not created anymore


Date: 09.07.2018

  • setting connection timeout to 3s when printing documents
  • printing and creating shipping labels separated
  • fix: typo in rest api fixed (deliveryNote instead of deliveryNumber when announing returns)


Date: 05.07.2018

  • fix: gsom is used for creating json from java classes. But in one case a class referenced it self what let in some situations to a stack over flow.


Date: 04.07.2018

  • creating of documents has been moved to a new application to minimize work load in wemalo backend
  • using a service for sending emails instead of sending it from backend directly
  • house number logic has been extended
  • additional rest calls and webhooks (esspacially for Parcelito)
  • fast send functionality introduced
  • export customers email information for DHL Easylog, DPD Delisprint and GLS Gepard optionally
  • fix: searching by ean2 and ean3 in product master data has been fixed
  • fix: searching by ean when creating a goods order manually fixed
  • fix: show products if client is activated only


Date: 21.06.2018

  • reservation strategy optimized


Date: 03.06.2018


Date: 23.05.2018

  • additional countries added to street/housenumber split functionality


Date: 16.05.2018

  • new feature shipping cost matrix
  • possibility for ignoring a product while pick and pack implemented
  • multiple enhancements and design optimizations
  • changing an article from a product to a different one in refurbishment view provided
  • added  a warning weight property to dispatcher profiles


Date: 28.03.2018

  • fix: loading refurbishment entry by id fixed
  • fix: don’t break auto reservation in case of picks


Date: 06.03.2018

  • auto report open orders extended
  • aggregate sku information on relocate order view
  • csv upload functionality for uploading tracking numbers as batch files
  • setting weight limits for packing
  • avoiding recreating shipping label if tracking number is already set
  • issue a warning when total weight exceeds the max gross weight
  • displaying serial number and lot for relocation view and stock view
  • serial number and lot added to relocation
  • trigger webhook for stock updates
  • trigger refurbishment action webhook
  • new calls for getting not synched return bookings and setting bookings as synchronized
  • execute webhooks when delivery order was booked, returns and refurbishment hooks adjusted
  • print settings added to print function


Date: 21.02.2018

  • deleting unused reservations in clean up call
  • goods order information added to booked returns call


Date: 12.02.2018

  • refactoring and minor enhancements


Date: 07.02.2018

  • new field for charging customers added to refurbishment view
  • lot information added to packing list


Date: 31.01.2018

  • options added to refurbishment view


Date: 23.01.2018

  • new call for adding notes to orders
  • cell type added to stock overview
  • creating serial number barcodes for returns
  • option for skipping serial number check added to announced returns


Date: 12.01.2018

  • adding linked order id to rest call for announcing return orders
  • trigger wemalo connect webhook on status update
  • adding documents to return shipments implemented
  • lot and serial number added to inventory


Date: 04.01.2018

  • generate package list after package was packed
  • new rest call for getting list of available dispatcher profiles


Date: 20.12.2017

  • serial number unique check as customer option
  • split house number and street for NL
  • break auto reservation in case of relocations
  • added price information to order position
  • setting priority when creating an order


Date: 12.12.2017

  • setting blocked reason optimized
  • split house number and street for DACH
  • rate limiter added to reduce amount of parallel reservation bookings
  • avoiding reimport of sent orders


Date: 30.11.2017

  • setting street and house number as required fields
  • amount of reserved articles added to system inventory


Date: 29.11.2017

  • additional integration of lot management in picking, packing and returns processes
  • ignore sent orders when importing an order via rest api


Date: 22.11.2017

  • if a picking list is being closed and has non-picked goods orders, those orders will no longer been canceled but moved back to open
  • a picker doesn’t have access to close picking list button anymore
  • lot management configuration integrated into client master data
  • on packing view, already packed goods orders won’t be listed anymore


Date: 20.11.2017

  • show a waiting circle if creating a shipping label takes longer
  • REST Api extend for loading refurbishment data by serial number only
  • fix: if shipping label couldn’t be created, an order was blocked. That’s ok, but we missed setting the order status to blocked packed. This has now been adjusted.


Date: 13.11.2017

  • REST Api extended
  • possibility for re-importing orders if already sent implemented
  • adding reason for partially reserved to REST API
  • new rest call for getting reduced stock information implemented
  • lot management added to customer, lot start and end added to slim stock information call
  • „forget“ external goods order id if cancelled
  • re-create order if updating an existing order and if order can be cancelled
  • delivery note added to goods receipt api call
  • added an additional check before closing stock orders


Date: 18.10.2017

  • Image to pdf converter implemented (used for directly printing Deutsche Post labels)
  • generate package files if print service was activated only


Date: 12.10.2017

  • additional services added to shipcloud/dhl
  • fix: grouping by carrier in price list fixed


Date: 11.10.2017

  • pick categories enhanced
  • dispatcher product added to sent parcel calls
  • check if return position was part of linked goods order
  • option loading positions by sku instead of external id in rest calls integrated


Date: 10.10.2017

  • handover Deutsche Post parcels immediately if activated only


Date: 03.10.2017

  • bill export extended: services and pick categories were added


Date: 28.09.2017

  • external id added to product data when returning all products via wemalo-connect
  • fix: mutli cient picking lists thrown an exception if there were no single client picking list…
  • fix: path optimized picking didn’t recognize storage fields


Date: 20.09.2017

  • enhanced splitting of street and housenumber


Date: 19.09.2017

  • filter out dispatcher profiles by parcel weight
  • adding name 1, name 2 and name 3 to Deutsche Post shipping label


Date: 18.09.2017

  • email added to csv export (GLS Gepard, DHL Easylog)
  • purpose field for DPD COD extended
  • additional services added to DHL Webservice (email notification, return receipt, visual age check)
  • retry reservation if an error happened due to lock exception
  • showing/hiding inactive users and clients, edit button not shown if goods order is cancelled
  • loading stock movement data last 90 days by default


Date: 12.09.2017

  • provided additional logs when creating/updating a goods order via soap call failed


Date: 11.09.2017

  • log messages when changing from draft to partially didn’t work enhanced
  • fix: setting to partially reserved if order is in status draft


Date: 07.09.2017

  • updating partially reserved orders enhanced


Date: 01.09.2017

  • don’t change goods order status to ready for packing of if order is not in status picking
  • saving Deutsche Post Internetmarke request and response in case of an error
  • using , instead of . in parcels weight (easylog csv export)
  • default sender address data has been changed
  • ready for shipment flag will now been set based on destination storage cell
  • serial numbers will now been displayed on storage cells
  • added a call for resetting goods order reservations
  • check goods orders priority when reserving goods
  • possibility to reserve goods by etd (goods will already been reserved, but goods order will stay in status partially reserved until etd has been reached).
  • delete goods order reservations if partially reserved only and reservations on partially reserved was not activated
  • fix: loading stock movements by storage cell didn’t work anymore


Date: 24.08.2017

  • when determining available goods, packing area will now also been counted
  • new rest call for executing inventories (needs wemalo-connect update)
  • booked return shipment orders will not be loaded anymore when entering a new return order
  • database field for email addresses in end of day report set to text to allow more than 255 characters


Date: 20.08.2017

  • product group and serial number added to stock movement view
  • stock movement search enhanced and changed from soap to rest call
  • end of day report enhanced


Date: 17.08.2017

  • adding additional information to sent packages
  • announce return position by sku allowed
  • fix: when returning return position (external id and delivery note were mixed up)


Date: 15.08.2017

  • offering strategies for handling unknown products while importing new orders (skip position, create new, throw error)
  • permission handling in rest service optimized


Date: 08.08.2017

  • new auto report end of day implemented
  • possibility to send auto reports to multiple recipients as comma separated list implemented


Date: 02.08.2017

  • fix: search for picking list if picking box doesn’t contain picking list relation anymore


Date: 31.07.2017

  • booking history enhancements: product group and serial number are now being displayed, loading of history enhanced


Date: 17.07.2017

  • new call for getting all products via wemalo-connect implemented
  • additional log entries added
  • permission handling optimized


Date: 10.07.2017

  • negative stock implemented (products that were ordered but not on stock yet)
  • save goods order status changes in separat history table to get an overview of status changes


Date: 06.07.2017

  • max values set to product dimension (max width=3m, max height=5m, max depth=3m)
  • new rest calls for wemalo-connect:
    • getting available stock (including virtual stock)
    • getting a product by its external id
  • Refactoring:
    • moved generic report creation from soap to rest
    • Obviously, pick quantity option was not read correctly (by wemalo-web). In the database it was set to 0, but it was as read as 1. So changing the values to fix this.
    • update virtual quantities after updating a product
    • search for active products only
  • fix: when executing reservation for parts list: if executed automatically positions were not deleted before reservation started. This could result in duplicate positions. This has now been fixed.
  • fix: pick by serial number didn’t select the one scanned, but by product and storage cell


Date: 28.06.2017

  • wemalo-connect now can create multiple products at once and change a products active flag
  • wemalo-app integration
  • fix: field cell name was not propagated correctly


Date: 23.06.2017

  • for new deliveries and returns with serial numbers a check has been integrated to proof, that neither sku/ean was scanned, nor the serial number is already on stock
  • Since some scanners add whitespaces to serial numberes, serial numbers are now being saved without whitespaces
  • displaying serial numbers in sent packages
  • fix: new attributes packaging and functional were not saved in refurbishment view


Date: 20.06.2017

  • sending order package content to shipcloud in metadata field (sku, quantity, serial number if available)
  • function to relocate products with serial numbers added to handheld/mobile view


Date: 19.06.2017

  • goods order positions and reserved articles refactored to optimize data loading
  • product parts lists introduced
  • bugfix: sometimes delivery notes were generated and printed twice


Date: 12.06.2017

  • filter extended in serial number view: it’s now possible to search by a serial number
  • dhl express now added as shipcloud product
  • it’s now possible to add a serial number to a goods order position manually
  • bugfix: reserving goods order positions if new attributes packaging and function were added


Date: 08.06.2017

  • new refurbishment view and article attributes packaging and functional implemented
  • product groups implemented and added to product search
  • wemalo is now fully integrated in wemalo-connect
  • new customer field allocation added


Date: 06.06.2017

  • wemalo-connect: Loading return shipment orders by external ID
  • searching for products in product master data, creating incoming orders/goods orders and service allocation enhanced
  • creating product parts lists
  • Bug fix: avoiding null pointer exception if searching for an return without customer oder number


Date: 31.05.2017

  • when creating goods orders automatically, search product by sku if external id was not found