Serial number popup for returns

Serial numbers can be stored via the product master, which are checked separately for returns. If a serial number is scanned from the list, a note is displayed that can be entered via the product master. The following screenshot shows the setting in the product master: The X button can be used to remove a… read more »

PDF generation Product barcodes / EAN

The following placeholders can be used: product_name product_sku product_barcode product_ean product_factorynumber product_size product_dessign

container function

Creation of the containers Any number of containers can be entered for a product via the product master. To do this, you can view and add the container units via the Units tab. A container unit consists of a name (displayed during stock transfer, pick and pack) and a quantity (how many pieces are in… read more »

Container management via REST

Creation/editing of containers: Loading the available container units: In addition: when creating a GR order, the ID of the container unit can be entered in the position: There is now the parameter “productUnitId”. Example: For one product a container unit “advantage pack 5 pieces” is created. This container unit contains 5 pieces… read more »

Edit product

Via “Master data- >product master data” you get to a list with all available products. Note that only products that meet the filter criteria are displayed. To expand the filters, click on the “Show filter” button. Here you can add further “filters” via “Clients” or “Quantities”. Due to the above mentioned “Filter”-example only products of… read more »

Create products

Via “Master data- > product master data” you can access all known products. Via “Create new product” you can create products that are not yet listed. First select a “client”. For each new product a “SKU” (article number) must be entered, the remaining fields may remain empty. Scroll all the way down to save the… read more »