Price lists and billing templates

introduction Any number of price lists can be created per client in wemalo. Price lists are divided into 8 categories, which are shown below. Price lists are created via the client master ->Client – > Config-Tab Accounting– > Submenu item Price lists. categories The available categories are: Received goods warehouse dispatch Shipping B2B packaging material… read more »

shipping matrix

Using the shipping costs matrix, the shipping costs for each parcel are stored in the client master according to recipient country, weight and shipping service provider, so that exact shipping prices can be determined during billing generation. Template per client A template for each shipping service provider can be downloaded from the client master under… read more »

client setup

If a new client is set up in the system, a number of settings must be made. These include Creating the client in the client master (see also Creating Clients) Storage of shipping profiles (see also Creating Shipping Profiles) If necessary, create packaging material (see also Creating Packaging Material). Configure clients in the client master:… read more »

article characteristics

Article characteristics can be created in the client master. The standard feature is intended for determining the condition, such as 1st choice, B-goods etc.. In addition, there is a characteristic Packaging to indicate the state of the packaging and a characteristic function, which can be set after a function test. The standard feature is set… read more »

Bind Forms to a Client

You can assign documents, such as barcode forms, to a client using “Master data >form master data”. First, change by clicking on the blue “Client” button to the client mask. You must then select the client to which you want to assign forms.   In the following list, you can store documents for each “template… read more »

Edit clients

Via “Master data- >Client master data” a list with all known clients is loaded. In the client list, there is a “Edit” button in the “Actions” column. Here you can optionally store additional data for the respective client. The field “Barcode” is filled automatically when creating a new client, but can be adjusted manually. Finally,… read more »

Creating clients

Via “Master data- >Client master data” a list with all known clients is loaded. You can use the “Filter” function to restrict the list displayed. With the button “New” you can add a new client to the list. All you have to do is enter a company name in the field provided.