The following data is required to connect Weamlo to the DPD cloud service: UserCredentials CloudUserID UserCredentials […]
The following information is required to use the DHL Mailing Web Service: Your EKP number Login […]
Wemalo supports the Magento Rest-Api in Magento 2. Setup To do this, a remaining user must […]
Shopware is integrated into wemalo-connect and can be used to exchange data with Wemalo. In wemalo-connect […]
In the client master, you can specify characteristics for packing and function in addition to the […]
Version 1.2.3 Date: 13.11.2017 WordPress API implemented New REST Api calls implemented Version 1.2.2 Date: 14.09.2017 […]
The refurbishment view can be used to scan serial numbers and set item characteristics. If the […]
There is a Refurbishment module in the user master record. If it is checked, a new […]
Article characteristics can be created in the client master. The standard feature is intended for determining […]
Version Date: 23.10.2018 reservation process splitted by client Version Date: 22.10.2018 new auto report […]