fast send

With the help of the Fast Send function, Single Pick outgoing goods orders without storage, Pick & Pack can be booked as packed directly at cross-docking goods receipt. The goods to be scanned must already have been notified. The Single Pick outgoing goods orders waiting in the system for goods can be served via a… read more »

Cancellation of WA-orders

Status: Incomplete Effect: Cancellation cancels all reservations Action: no further action necessary Status: Open Effect: Cancellation cancels all reservations Action: no further action necessary Status: In process Effect: Cancellation cancels all reservations Action: Packing list still has to be closed Status: Picking Effect: The cancellation cancels the reservations of articles that have not yet been… read more »

Evaluate services

You can use “Reports- > Evaluate services” to view the service-related data for clients or a specific period and export it as text documents. You can select a specific “client” or include all of them. Optionally, enter a period for the booking records you are looking for. Furthermore, you can also restrict your desired data… read more »

Scan WE order

Via “Warehouse management – > Scan GR order” you reach a screen in which you can scan “Goods receipt orders”. Now scan the barcode with your reader or enter the barcode number manually. Your order should now have been read in automatically. If the entered barcode was assigned honorably, you will be asked to select… read more »

Finally, click “Submit” to save the edited record.

Via “Warehouse Management – > Goods Receipt Orders” you reach a list in which all goods receipt orders can be viewed. If your searched “goods receipt order” is not listed, check your filter settings on the left.   Click on the “Edit” button in the Actions column. First, you must select the client for which… read more »

Create delivery orders

Via “Warehouse management – >delivery orders” you reach lists with all “delivery orders”. In the first view, only “drafts” of “delivery orders” are displayed. You can only edit drafts. Already booked “delivery orders” can only be viewed. Click the “Edit” icon in the “Actions” column to edit a “Delivery Order”.   First select a client…. read more »

Finally, click Save to save the new record.

Via “Warehouse management – > Delivery orders – > New delivery order” you can create new “Delivery orders”. First select a client. Then enter the delivery note number. Now click on “Save”. The browser will automatically redirect you. Now enter the barcode number of the “delivery” or scan the barcode with your reader. Confirm the… read more »

Create packaging material

Via “Configuration- >Packaging material- > New packaging material” you get to a list with all known “packaging materials”. “Name” is the only mandatory field, all other fields are optional. Finally, click Save to save the new record.  

Edit shipping profiles

Via “Configuration- >Shipping profiles” existing shipping profiles can be edited. Each line in the list represents a shipping profile. In the Actions column, click the pencil icon behind a shipping profile to edit it. All fields are optional, so you can also create an empty shipping profile. Finally, click on “Save” to save your modified… read more »

loading aids

In the section “Loading aids” (LHM) you will find information about “Storage bins” and their contents. Here, “loading aids”, such as cartons or pallets, can be managed, created and their positions viewed. Via “Master data- > Warehouse master data” you reach a list with all available warehouses. Now click on the “name” of a warehouse… read more »